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Mapping Examples
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example of an ALTA Survey 

ALTA Survey
example of a Boundary Survey

Boundary / Lot Survey
example of a Minor Land Division Survey

Minor Land Division
example of a Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

Putt Land Surveying is based in Southern Arizona and is a professional land surveying firm with over 37 years of experience.  We provide professional land surveying services to a broad range of clients, including but not limited to, Lot Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Land Divisions, FEMA Elevation Certificates, Topographic Surveys and Construction Staking.

Putt Land Surveying is directed by David L. Putt who is registered as a Land Surveyor in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Nevada.  Paul M. Cote', Project Surveyor, is registered as a Land Surveyor in Arizona.  Personal attention is given to each project by these dedicated professionals.

Putt Land Surveying is recognized by repeat clients as a firm that provides timely and professional service.  Please call or email us to discuss your surveying project.

Why the long faces!Putt Land Surveying has a long history of land surveying in the Sonoita and Patagonia areas.  From the smallest Lot Survey to a multi-thousand acre Large Lot Subdivision, Putt Land Surveying is the firm to call.

Land Surveying attracts a crowd in Sonoita.

this is why we love our job!Putt Land Surveying utilizes the latest in Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and Autodesk mapping software.  No job is too remote for our field crews.

GPS/GNSS Base Station in the Chiricahua Mountains.  Another beautiful day in the field.
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